Now that everyone seems to have a smartphone, modern self-portraiture and technology have become one and the same. Whether you think selfies are unexpectedly beautiful, a unique new way to communicate or a blatant expression of narcissism, they have become one of the most popular social network fads of our time! Below are five of the best apps for editing the perfect selfies every time.


aviary selfie editing app


(iOS and Android)
This easy-to-use free app not only makes you look better in your selfies, but it also lets you have more fun with your photos. You can adjust the lighting to brighten your skin tone and quickly whiten your teeth with this app. When you’re done with that, you can add a meme to your photo to make your face go viral. Use the app to add themed stickers and frames to your selfie and show your playful side.

facetune selfie editor


(iOS and Android)
Like a makeover in a bottle, Facetune eliminates your flaws with the swipe of a finger. Use it to erase under-eye circles and blemishes, making your skin porcelain perfect. Enhance your favorite features with the next swipe, making your eyes brighter and your teeth whiter. You can even refine your face shape, making it more symmetrical. This app can be used on Apple or Android devices, so you can look your best whether you used HISY or HALO.



YouCam Perfect

(iOS and Android)
YouCam Perfect for Android lets you be the star of your selfie. Whether someone photobombed your picture or you’re standing in front of a trash can, you can eliminate unwanted objects in the background. You can also add real-time beautifying effects before you take the picture, touching up every face in a group photo. Plus, you know how the camera adds 10 pounds? You can remove the extra weight and then some by adjusting the proportions in full-body photos. Make your legs look longer or your hips look curvier, then stylize the photo with some creative effects and share it on social media. Don’t forget to tag your pictures with #Hisypix!


snapchat app


(iOS and Android)
A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not use it as an alternative to texting? Communicate with your selfies by adding text overlays before sharing with your friends. This app for iPhone also lets you set your photos to self destruct after a specified time frame, so your selfie secrets will stay safe.


momentcam selfie app


(iOS and Android)
Available on iOS and Google Play, this whimsical app turns you into a sketch of a cartoon character. Add devil horns and a mustache to anyone who makes your day less than perfect, or change the facial expression of your selfie to express what you’re actually feeling. You can even turn your face into an emoticon, making it easy to instantly let people know what you think.


Whether you have mastered the selfie or avoided it entirely up until this moment, you may find yourself experimenting with this new trend once you have some cool new tools, especially if you’re using one of our smartphone accessories. Who knows, maybe playing with your selfie will become your favorite new hobby!

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