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The selfie stick has been growing in popularity rather quickly. These telescopic poles allow users to take selfie photos from an extended point of view, giving them much better looking photos to show off. Some critics thought the selfie stick craze would just come and go, but it looks like it is here to stay. Don’t believe us? Check out some of these famous selfie stick users from around the world.

  1. P. Diddy

    While enjoying a day on his yacht, hip hop mogul and musician Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs also enjoyed some cool selfie pics. While not all of them made use of his handy selfie stick, the ones that did really shined through. Look at this one showing P. Diddy and the beautiful waters he was sailing.


  3. Mayor Boris Johnson

    Politics has never been on the cutting edge of anything, but one mayor is giving it a shot. Mayor Boris Johnson of Dagenham, England, invited several students to City Hall to celebrate Black History Month. At one point he gathered all of the students together for a selfie, though his skills are still a little raw.


  5. President Barack Obama

    There is no way we can even think about famous selfie stick pics, or in this case video, without mentioning President Barack Obama. In a new video he released highlighting what the President does when nobody is around, the Commander in Chief is mugging for a selfie stick pic, among other things. Now if this doesn’t make the selfie stick a thing to stay, we don’t know what will.


  7. Maria Sharapova
    Sports. Maybe that is the way to the hearts of millions. If top tier athletes like Maria Sharapova start sharing cool selfie stick pics, then maybe the critics will believe they are here for good. Here the international tennis star Maria Sharapova is taking a picture with 380 ball boys Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

  9. Ronaldo

    Retired soccer star Ronaldo was enjoying some great weather with his beautiful fiancé when he decided to whip out his selfie stick. While we don’t know how the picture turned out, we can only assume it was gorgeous.


With all of this concrete evidence, we find it hard to believe that the critics can still argue selfie sticks are just a fad. If you are ready to get on board and grab your own selfie stick, head on over to our WING and pick your new stick out today!

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