If you’re like most mobile users, your selfie snapshots look more or less like the billions of other examples taking over the web. These pictures usually look similar because with most smartphones, you need to hold your device in one hand while shooting. That all changes with a Bluetooth remote control like our HISY and HALO, which both make it easier to pull off great selfies. Here are a few tips to achieve the best pictures with your Bluetooth camera remote.

Playing with Pets

Frolicking with your cat or dog is a great selfie opportunity if you plan ahead! A remote works well in these scenarios because you can trick camera-shy pets into thinking that they’re not being captured on digital film. Have a treat or two handy to lull your pet into the perfect pose. You’ll want a second or two of near stillness to get a good shot that’s fit for publishing.

Working Out

If you want a great shot while pumping iron or working the treadmill, phone positioning is key. Set your phone up with a stand so that your lens is perfectly aligned when the right moment comes. Then, be sure to have your remote in the hand farthest away from the camera to preserve the illusion of spontaneity. Lastly, time your shot to minimize movement at the key moment.

Group Photos

Taking a selfie, or “usie”, with a large number of additional subjects is often the most complicated mobile photography scenario. When taking group selfies, be sure to position yourself so that your remote isn’t visible in the shot. Try to set up everyone at roughly the same distance from your lens so that any depth of field issues are minimizes, and everyone can be in focus. Finally, try to lock down an uncrowded area to cut down on photobombs and other background distractions.

Hanging at the Beach

The biggest problem with taking shots at the beach is lighting. In a sun-drenched atmosphere, it’s never easy to predict how well a shot will come out. While you can always edit exposure later on with software, it’s best to play around with settings before you go live. Take a few test shots of your target area to see what works best given the available lighting and reflection conditions prior to the main event!

Taking a Hike

Hiking shots are another great choice for long range, hands free selfies. If you want to take your selfie show on the road in the great outdoors, understanding depth of field is crucial. As with beach photos, taking a few test runs with hiking photos is the best way to proceed. You never know how the shadows of trees or clouds will impact the final product. In addition, it’s always wise to test the range of your remote in outdoor conditions since natural obstructions can decrease range.

Practice Makes Perfect

For the most part, using a Bluetooth camera remote is so simple that anyone can get started in seconds. If you really want to make your photos seem unique, you’ll have to play around with the newfound photographic freedom afforded by the hardware. Practice staging your shots with your iOS or Android hardware of choice to master composition and lighting. With a bit of practice, your remote-controlled phone camera can produce incredible snapshots!

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