Frequently Asked Questions


Does LIFT Power Bank come pre-charged when you buy?

In order to get the most out of your LIFT, charge it overnight the first time to ensure the battery is at 100% capacity.

What are the best methods for charging your LIFT Power Bank?

Connect the LIFT Power Bank to a power source using the included USB cable. LIFT can be plugged into your computer or any wall-plug power source that has a USB cable insert.

How do I know when my LIFT Power Bank is fully charged?

LIFT has 4 LED lights on the front. LIFT is ready to go when all 4 lights are full (not blinking).

What devices does LIFT Power Bank work with?

LIFT works with any device that uses a Lightning charger or a Micro USB charger at 4000mAh or lower.

Does LIFT Power Bank only work with either Lightning or Micro USB once you start using?

You can use either the Lightning or the Micro USB cables on LIFT. LIFT doesn’t become confined to only one cable once you begin use.

Can you use both of the cables on LIFT Power Bank at the same time?

You can use both the Lightning and the Micro USB cables at the same time to charge two separate devices.

How long does it take to charge LIFT Power Bank?

When the LIFT battery is completely empty, it should take about 4 hours to charge to 100%.

How many charges do I get from LIFT Power Bank?

The number of full charges you get varies from each device. Generally, you can get 1-2 full charges from LIFT.


Can you buy just MIC without MIC KIT?

You have to purchase MIC KIT in order for MIC to work. MIC is only an additional microphone to be used with MIC KIT. It will not work unless if you have MIC KIT.

How many microphones can I use with MIC KIT?

MIC KIT comes with one transmitter with the option of two microphones for each transmitter. You can add an additional 3 MICs with 2 microphones on each transmitter. The total number of microphones allowed per receiver is 8 (with two microphones on each transmitter).

What’s the maximum distance the receiver can pick up sound?

The receiver can pick up crystal clear sound at up to 164 feet (50 meters).

How does volume work with MIC?

You can adjust the microphone’s input volume from 00-09, with 00 being the lowest and 09 being the highest.

How do I create a group with multiple MICs?

First, you need to create a group selection. Press and hold the “MODE” button for about 2 seconds. Then, collectively set a group number (between 00-39) you desire by pressing the up or down keys. Make sure all the MICs have the same group number.

Second, each MIC needs to have a personal ID from 00-100. Every group needs to have a master device. The ID “00” will become the master MIC in the group. Once the master device is selected, the “MASTER” and “TALK” text will be displayed on the LCD screen as soon as “00” is set.

Third, press and hold the “MODE” button for about 3 seconds. Once you see the “GRP” symbol on the LCD start blinking, press the “MODE” button quickly one more time. The “ID symbol on the LCD will start blinking and then you can begin your ID selection from 00-99 by pressing the up and down arrows. Remember that every group needs to have a master device with the “00” ID, and every other device needs to have its own unique ID from 01-99.

How long does the battery last on MIC?

MIC has about 10 hours of active talk time.


How do I charge the printer?

Connect PIX to a power source using the included USB cable. Once charging is complete, the LED battery light will turn green.

Do I have to use the app with PIX?

You have to download the “PicKit Printer” app from the Google Play or Apple store in order to connect to your printer via WiFi. You will always have to use the app to connect to PIX’s WiFi. From there, you do not need to use the photo app with PIX if your phone has a Bluetooth® print option. If it has this option, you can just send the photo to the PIX Photo Printer and print directly from your photos. If your device does not have this option, you will need to use the app.

Is charging the battery required after opening the box?

Yes. Battery is charged about 50% from factory and can go down by the time it reaches you. It is highly recommended to recharge first after opening the box.

How long does it take to fully recharge the battery?

It takes about one and half hour using your smartphone charger (1A). It will take longer if you use a PC USB connection because PC USB is 0.5A.

Does the PIX come with photo paper?

PIX comes with one cartridge inside with 8 photos ready for printing. You can purchase additional photo cartridges in our “PIX” section.

Do I need router to connect PIX wireless connection?

No, you do not need it a router. PIX has a built in WiFi Access Point (AP) so you can simply select PIX (Direct-Cube-XXXX) in the WiFi settings page of your device.

Why is WiFi is disconnected while I am still using PIX?

PIX power will be automatically turn off if there is no print order for 5 minutes to save battery power. Please turn the power on and connect WiFi again to use PIX.

Does iPhone support NFC or WiFi Direct Connection?

No, iPhone does not support either of them currently. Only the latest Android devices support NFC or WiFi Direct Connection.

HELP! My photo isn’t printing!

This could be one of two things:

  1. Paper Jam – Just power off and power on again. The paper will eject automatically.
  2. No Printer Response – Just press the Reset button with a sharp tool, like a pin. This will reset the entire printer.

If you are still experiencing issues with your PIX Photo Printer, please email customer service at

Printed photo quality is not good even if the original file resolution is high enough. What’s wrong?

Please check if you received it by SNS or if you edited it in other photo app or program. Most SNS services reduce the photo’s resolution in order to send the photo quickly. Most other photo apps do the same in order to edit the photo more quickly. You can check the photo resolution in your smartphone. Our recommended photo resolution is over 3-mega pixels (1280 X 2448). PIX prints photos very clearly, so when the photo has poor resolution it’ll be even more apparent.


What is a HISY?

HISY (pronounced HI-SEE) is a Bluetooth remote for your iPhone camera. Take pictures or video from up to 90ft away!  Put your phone down, Step away, and Click!

Does the cost of HISY include sales tax, VAT, or other duties?

No, HISY does not include sales tax. Buyer is responsible for all other taxes and/or duties if shipped internationally. HISY shipped within California will incur additional sales tax.

How can I be notified on updates from HISY?

Join our newsletter or Follow us on Instagram or Twitter (@HISYPIX) or just like us on Facebook. Once you join our social community, it will be our pleasure to keep you updated.

What is my HISY warranty?

HISY provides a limited 1 year warranty. If the device is defective we will replace it. Damages incurred as a result of use are not covered under the limited warranty.

What is your return / refund policy?

In the case of a defective device, we will gladly exchange your HISY for a new one within 14 days of the delivery date.

*Please note, HISYs are only compatible with Apple Products. Returns not accepted in the case of compatibility issues.

How long does my HISY battery last for?

2 years if you were to take 100 shots on a per day basis.

How can I sync my HISY to a new device that was paired with a different product?

Insert the end of a paperclip or similar tool into the RESET button, located on the front of HISY above the logo.  When the LED glows solid red, hold the RESET button down for 3 seconds or longer.  When the LED light blinks red, you’re ready to pair with a new Apple device!

** The previous device may first need to be deleted by selecting “Forget this Device” under the Bluetooth Devices menu in your iPhone.

How do I take pictures with my HISY?

Press the HISY button on the device to enable shutter.

How does HISY turn on?

You can activate the HISY by pressing the button on the front of the device.  In 4-5 seconds the HISY will be ready. HISY automatically hibernates after 5 minutes of non-use.

How many devices can be synced to a single HISY remote?

Currently, HISY only supports the syncing of one device at a time. If you would like to sync your remote to more than one device at a time you can purchase HALO.

How do I replace the battery if it dies?

Unscrew the back of the HISY with precision screw driver and replace the battery. The battery used in a HISY is a CR2032 cell. This battery can be purchased at your local electronics store.

How can I record video with my HISY?

Change the mode on your camera application from “photo” to “video”.

How does HISY sync with my device?

Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Turn on Bluetooth. Then press the HISY button so it is in pairing mode. BLE Camera Remote will pop up under Devices. Select it and press Pair. You are now ready to take pictures via Bluetooth.

Will HISY work with Android devices or non-Apple devices?

YES! HISY *New* works with Android Devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 with OS 4.4.4 or later.


Download Links to Shutter Panorama:

Google Play: Android Devices

Apple iTunes Store: Apple Devices


To Buy Halo:

Click Here to buy HALO

What apple devices can I use with HISY?

Currently the Apples devices that are compatible with HISY are Apple iOS 7.0 or later for Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus. iPad 3rd & 4th Generation or later.

What apps are compatible with HISY

Keep in mind you do not need an application to use HISY.

HISY is compatible with any app that supports the use of the volume button on your iPhone for photo capture. The most popular app used with HISY is Twitter.

Will HISY work with iOS 6 and below

No, you need to update your phone with iOS 7.0 or later to use HISY

Will my HISY still record video if it is on “Slo-Mo” mode?

Yes, your HISY will still record if your in “Slo-Mo” mode, so dont worry.

Will my phone’s camera flash function when I use my HISY?

Yes, flash will turn on depending if you have it set manually to “on” or “auto.” If it is set to “off” the flash will not function when picture is taken.

Does HISY go into sleep mode?

Yes, after a certain amount of minutes, your HISY will go into sleep-mode to save battery life. To wake up your HISY, simply press the button, give the HISY and your Apple Device a few seconds to re-sync/re-pair. The user doesn’t need to go into settings > Bluetooth to pair the two devices. (HISY and Apple Device)

How far is HISY’s range?

The HISY has great range, you can be in a area of 30-90ft, away.

Do I need an app to use HISY?

No, just open the default camera application that comes with your Apple Device and start snapping away!

Do I need an internet connection to use my HISY?

No, all you need to do is pair it with your device via Bluetooth.

Can I use my HISY when my phone is locked?

No, your camera has to be on camera mode to use HISY.

Can I use my HISY if my camera is not on?

No, your camera has to be on camera mode to use HISY.

Is HISY waterproof?

No, contact with water may cause damage to your HISY.  Any damage incurred from water is not covered by your limited warranty, so please keep HISY out of the pool!

I am an international customer , who is responsible for duties and customs?

All International Customers will be solely responsible for customs and duties.