First, you need to create a group selection. Press and hold the “MODE” button for about 2 seconds. Then, collectively set a group number (between 00-39) you desire by pressing the up or down keys. Make sure all the MICs have the same group number.

Second, each MIC needs to have a personal ID from 00-100. Every group needs to have a master device. The ID “00” will become the master MIC in the group. Once the master device is selected, the “MASTER” and “TALK” text will be displayed on the LCD screen as soon as “00” is set.

Third, press and hold the “MODE” button for about 3 seconds. Once you see the “GRP” symbol on the LCD start blinking, press the “MODE” button quickly one more time. The “ID symbol on the LCD will start blinking and then you can begin your ID selection from 00-99 by pressing the up and down arrows. Remember that every group needs to have a master device with the “00” ID, and every other device needs to have its own unique ID from 01-99.