There’s a part of all of us that really wants to be daring and adventurous. But some of us can’t quite commit to skydiving, climbing the world’s highest mountains, or participating in some other unique, extreme sport. We do have to go to work and making a living, after all. But have no fear! If you want a little excitement without the risk of dying or injuring yourself, you can live through the daring adventures of people all over the world by viewing their extreme selfies. Read on to learn more about some of the craziest selfies ever taken, and view their incredible shots on Instagram and other social media outlets.


Selfie #1:

Go high or go home! That’s the message in this unique first selfie from high on top of the world. The Israeli Air Force took this amazing Instagram selfie high up above Tel Aviv, and what a sight it is to see. This pilot is flying a T-6 Texan as he does barrel rolls in the sky. Crazy and risky enough for you? We’re trusting that he’s a pro, as we wouldn’t advise operating a plane and a camera at the same time.


Selfie #2:

Journalists on the front lines give inspiration to us all, as they encounter the threat of violence, illness and more as they go after the story. But sometimes citizens are the journalists of our times, as they are there experiencing life as it happens and as turmoil unfolds. Our second crazy selfie comes from a man named Stefanskyi, who lives in Kiev, and documented protests and violence in his country. He is a true hero and quite brave — a citizen journalist if there ever was one. In the background of Stenfanskyi’s Instagram photo, you can see an ominous scene – smoke, destruction – and you can feel the air of violence.

A photo posted by Maks Stefanskyi (@mstefansky) on


Selfie #3:

Ever wanted to run with the bulls? You may never get to Spain to run down the stones streets of antiquity, but you can feel like you were there with the help of this wild selfie by an extreme adventurer known as “Christian.” This daredevil runner recorded a selfie video of himself running from bulls at a bull run in Baytown, Texas, recently. It was sheer excitement, to say the least. Known as the Great Bull Run, the event draws hundreds of daredevils to take their chances against angry running bulls. Christian took his chances and survived. Watch this incredible selfie video to see what he did during the bull run.

Are you inspired yet by the extreme adventures of daredevils and their wild selfies? We all have to let go of a little fear every now and then. Sometimes, though, it’s better to be inspired by those who go before us. You may not be able to go skydiving or run with the bulls, but you can live vicariously through these adventurers who like to document life on the edge! (Don’t forget to pick up a selfie stick and bluetooth remote to try getting your own extreme selfies!)

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