natural selfie lighting tipsWant the perfect selfie but just don’t know how all of your friends do it? The problem could be with your lighting. Think about it. Shows and celebrities get professional lighting designers to set the tone, so clearly, lighting in photography is a big deal. Luckily, all it takes to pull off better lighting is a little imagination! Here are some tips to help you get the best lighting when taking selfies and other pictures with your phone.

  1. Put Light in Front

    The sun or bright lamps are great for keeping you lit, but not so great for angles. Find the brightest source of light where you are and face it. When you do, make sure it is above eye level. If it isn’t, bend down. The frontal light softens everything and gives you a glamorous glow, highlighting the best features. You don’t want it to the side or behind you is because it can cast awkward shadows that otherwise distort your image.


  3. Use Translucency

    Sometimes, a front-facing light can be too much and blow out your subject if it’s too intense. For paler skin, it can wash you out, making them look unnaturally radiant and like they consist only of a mouth and eyes. To combat this, throw a thin curtain or piece of material in front of the light source. Be sure to try out different colors to see how they look on your face. This method really softens everything out, giving you a dreamy look.


  5. Go Natural

    When you can, go natural. Nothing looks better on you than sunlight. It is the best source for bringing out the true colors of everything. Unfortunately, unless you live in Florida, you won’t always have the sun at your immediate disposal. Should the sun be absent, check the setting on your phone. Many nowadays come with a color correction feature to make up for what the artificial light lacks. Have some fun playing with this as you find the best one for you. You can even take photos without this setting and then edit them with an app afterwards.


  7. Skip the Flash

    Flash was only fun for disposable cameras or when you needed a night shot back before the age of iPhones and Androids. Now there are very few times where it can be used and come out looking great. Unfortunately, using flash is one of the most unflattering things you can do to your picture. It creates a forehead glare, making you look greasy, and completely distorts what you look like. On top of all of that, you might even suffer from red eye.


Pictures paint a thousand words, so why leave your selfie up to interpretation? Take the best one you can by playing with light. This could be the one thing you need to finally get shots that are as beautiful as everyone else’s! Remember to experiment with different techniques, too. What works for one complexion will not work for yours. Stick to these basic tips and then flesh them out a little. With enough time and practice, you’ll be shooting pro selfies in no time, especially if you’re using a bluetooth remote!

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