MIC Wireless Audio Recording Device



Wireless Audio Recording Device for your Smartphone

MIC is the most valuable to the MIC KIT. Connect up to 4 additional MICs to get exceptional sound from all angles!

Long Lasting Battery

MIC can last up to 10 hours of audio recording time!


MIC cannot be used separately from MIC KIT. MIC is an additional audio transmitter for those who want more than just one microphone.


Hi-Fi Transmitter with Stick Microphone
USB Charging Cable.
Neck Strap

Tech Specs for MIC

Frequency: ISM 2,403-2,480
Modulation: FSK with hopping
Voice Codec: 16 bit / 24KHz
TX Output: 100mW max
Voice Latency: <30ms
CH Spacing: 2MHz
Data Rata: 2Mbps
Battery: Li-Ion 3.7V / 1,100mA Battery Life-TX: 10 hours


Supported by every iOS and AndroidTM device who has the external ear/mic jack at 3.5mm diameter with 4 pole wire connection.
*In some unique devices, you may need to use the gender cable due to mismatched wire connection.