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Portable Power Bank Battery Charger for your Smartphone

You no longer have to worry about your smartphone's battery life! This battery pack includes a USB port for a wall outlet (USB to outlet dock not included). When needed, take the Power Bank battery with you for the day, charge your phone, and when you return home, recharge it for your next day out! Simple as that!

There is a LED light indicator to let you know it is fully charged.

Combining a high-density 2600 mAh battery with a Lightning connector (not included), Power Bank battery packs provide all the portable recharging power whenever & wherever.


1 Micro USB to USB cord
Instruction Manual

Tech Specs for Battery Packs

Capacity: 2600 mAh
Input: DC 5V-1A | Output: DC Max. 5V-1A
Charging Time: 3-4 hours
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery


Compatible with iPhone, iPod, Galaxy S, Android, MP3 Players, Bluetooth Devices, Gaming Devices and more as long as the device's battery does not exceed 2600mAh !
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Model# HBP-2600GP

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