STACK for Apple Battery w/ Charging Dock (Bundle)


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Stackable External Battery Charger for your Smartphone

With STACK, you no longer have to worry about your smartphone’s battery life! This bundle includes a charging dock that stays plugged into your computer’s USB port or wall outlet (USB to outlet dock not included). STACK the 2 external battery packs on top of the charging dock for wireless charging. When needed, take one external battery for the day, charge your phone, and when you return home, grab the other external battery for extra battery for dinner! Simple as that!

There are 4 LED lights to show how much the external battery has charged. 1 LED Light = 25% charged, 2 LED Lights = 50%, 3 LED Lights 75%, and 4 LED Lights 100%!

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Combining a high-density 2500 mAh battery with a Lightning connector (MFI), STACK battery packs provide all the portable recharging power whenever & wherever.


2 Lightning Connector (MFI) STACK Battery Pack
1 Charging Dock
Micro USB to USB cord (9 inches)
Instruction Manual
Assorted Colors: You will receive 2 of the 3 options: Blue, Green or Infra-Red

Tech Specs for Battery Packs

Capacity: 2500 mAh x 2 = 5000 mAh
Input: DC 5V-1A | Output: DC Max. 5V-1.5A
Dimensions: 3.54 in x 2.28 in x 0.39 in
Weight: 2.15 oz.
Integrated Lightning Connector (Apple MFi Certified)
Built-in Short-Circuit: Overcharge & Temperature Protection

Tech Specs for Charging Dock

Power Output Connectors: 1 USB Port / Connector Pin
Input/Output: MAX DC 5V/2A
Dimensions: 3.54 in x 2.3 in x 0.39 in
Weight: 4.27 oz.
Stack up to 3 battery packs


Compatible with iPhone 5, 5S, 6 & 6+
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Model# PB5000U

Additional information

Weight 0.72 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 8 in