bluetooth remote usieSelfie shots are all the rage thanks to the popularity of social networks like Facebook and Instagram. They’ve even worked their way into pop culture with that eponymous song by American DJs The Chainsmokers. There’s also “Selfies,” another song by Nina Nesbitt, and a canceled romantic comedy titled “Selfie,” which lasted one season on the ABC network.

Self-portraits taken with smartphones and tablets are a global phenomenon, and at first they were pretty limited to the length of your outstretched arm. With our bluetooth remotes like the HISY and HALO, however, all of you selfie-lovers can now take shots you wouldn’t have been able to manage otherwise. Here are some examples of awesome shots you can get:

Action Sports Selfies

Bluetooth remotes are useful to set up shots that can capture your active side. To this effect, full yoga poses, soccer ball juggling, jogging with your dog, and preparing to go on a nature hike come to mind. These wireless remotes also make it easier to take selfies with sports equipment such as skateboards, mountain bikes, footballs, basketballs, and more. The key to a successful sports selfie is to plan the shot so that the bluetooth remote can be discreetly concealed and does not appear in the shot.

Kissing Couple Selfies

One of the nicest keepsakes you can give to your sweetie is a kissing portrait. There are two options in this regard: Going to a professional studio where you can find a non-judgmental professional photographer who can capture the magic of couples during intimate moments, or you and your loved one can experiment in private with a bluetooth remote. Which option do you think could be more fun?

Group Photography and Candid Shots

Group selfies are already being positioned as an artistic endeavor for smartphone photographers who wish to inject themselves into the action. With the range of our controls extending the effective reach of remote shots up to 90 feet, you can now mingle with crowds and make a creative decision as to when to take the picture. For example, imagine a family reunited at the Thanksgiving table or a group of friends who meet during a girl’s night out at a trendy bar. The opportunities for candid shots and fun “usies” are truly endless.

In the end, the type of selfies that our favorite smartphone-addicted photographers can take will only be limited by their creativity, not by how short their arms are. Our bluetooth remotes, both HALO and HISY, can be used anywhere from the beach to skateboard ramps, tourist hotspots, dance clubs, block parties, and many other places. The freedom that you get will truly change the world of photography. If you don’t already have one, order one today!

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