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These days we are all selfie experts, right? The selfie pic has become one of the most notable expressions of the digital age. With one picture you can relate entire stories, or even complete histories. If you think you have become the King or Queen of selfies, maybe you should try breaking one of these sweet records.

In this first awesome selfie, the next generation of selfie takers make their mark. Robinson High School in Illinois, had 70 students who got together and simultaneously took selfies. This is a record setting feat, but it would have been made even more amazing if it was one selfie of all 70 students. Using a selfie stick like our HISY Wing Selfie Stick, it would have been possible to squeeze them all into one great looking shot.

How many complete strangers can you take a selfie with in six hours? Simone Stunrise was able to capture over 650 selfies with complete strangers. This is definitely something to brag at the bar about, but some of the shots could have looked better. Using a Bluetooth remote product like the HALO would have allowed Simone the opportunity to stage the photos from a distance and allow for the best possible picture.

OK, the whole point of the selfie craze is to take photos of yourself. So the best record has to be one that focuses only on solo subjects, right? There are actually two different records, both held by the same guy. The number of selfies in five seconds and ten seconds. The results are 301 and 601, respectively. With video proof, Ethan Hayes manages to break both selfie records. For some style, he could have used a Bluetooth remote system to give his photos some character. Make a cool background and take the photos from a slightly further away point of view.

We here at HISY are not only trying to make new and innovative products, but we aim to make your fun time even more enjoyable. Look at these selfie record setters as bars to jump over. Think you have what it takes to be the Selfie Master? Then go out there and take it!

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