group selfie with a selfie stickSelfie sticks and Bluetooth shutter remotes are popping up more and more on Youtube and personal blogs lately. Even corporate bloggers and marketers are getting in on the selfie revolution, and now perhaps you’re wondering which selfie accessory might be right for you. Have no fear – we’ll break down each device so you can choose the best one.

The Selfie Stick

Do you remember the first time you saw a video made by some blogger with a selfie stick? Wasn’t that the coolest thing you ever saw? You probably wanted one immediately, right? You’re in luck, because we’ve just added a multi-purpose selfie stick called the “Wing” to our lineup, and it can even double as a monopod and tripod.

Selfie sticks are great for short, informal, impromptu clips on the go. Nothing says, “Fun!” or “Adventurous!” like a video shot on a selfie stick. But when you’re walking around videoing, you need to make sure you stop moving every 20-30 seconds to let your viewers’ eyes adjust.

Also, be sure to intentionally slow down your lateral movements; otherwise, you may spin around so fast that you make your viewers fall out of their chairs.

If you want to inject a little creativity and personality into your videos, then you’ll definitely want to try shooting on a stick. But should you use a selfie stick every single time? That actually depends on you, your audience, your brand, and the purpose and tone of each video. Shooting nothing but selfie stick pictures and videos might be totally appropriate for some, but others will find that only occasional use is best. That’s where the bluetooth remote comes in.

The Bluetooth Remote

While selfie sticks can be fun, cool and quirky, they are not going to be appropriate for every situation. For more formal videos, hands free selfies, action shots, and group pictures, you’ll probably want to use a remote and have your smartphone set up on a stable surface with a stand. This will give a very static, stable presentation and make it easier to get even the most impossible of pictures.

Practice a couple of times with the remote to get the best hands-free shots, and don’t forget to get all of your friends (or pets!) in on the fun.

So what do you think? Which smartphone photography accessory would you rather choose to get the best selfie pics and videos? For some people, owning both could be a great idea. Don’t forget to check out our HALO and HISY Bluetooth remotes, as well as our new Wing selfie stick!

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