Have you ever considered buying a monopod for your smartphone? Also known as a “selfie stick,” the simple and portable device allows smartphone users to quickly and easily take better selfies, while also capturing unique photos that are not possible without the fun and easily portable gadget.

group picture with smartphone monopod

Capturing Backgrounds With Your Selfie

Have you ever stood in front of a sweeping background, then after taking a selfie, you realize that your body dominates the background? Holding your phone 2 feet away from your face doesn’t allow the lens to capture the full scope of your pictures. However, if you add a selfie stick like our new WING, you extend your reach by up to four feet. Move the smartphone further away from your body and you capture more of the background, while still adding yourself and others into the photo.

Capture Shots You Can’t Reach

I constantly find myself in positions where I can’t take the photo I really want. In many cases I need to extend my reach to snap a photo over someone who is taller than me, or to reach around an object that is blocking my view. With a monopod it is both easier to capture shots that are typically out of reach, as well as get extra stabilization on tricky shots when needed.

Capturing Videos

Capturing videos is another great use for this technology. If you are at a concert or another venue that allows recording, holding your smartphone high in the air for long periods of time can become tiring. However, when using this tool you can stabilize your shots by resting your hand against your body, while still holding your smartphone above a crowd of people or around an object that is standing in your way.

Capture Creative Shots

Hold the monopod high above your head and you can capture some really unique birds eye views from the top down. Slowly turn the stick in your hand and you can capture beautiful panoramic shots with 360 degrees of depth.

The monopod is a great device for smartphone users who want to take their mobile photography to an entirely new level. Paired with one of our Bluetooth remotes, it’s the perfect selfie accessory, and it’s the type of gadget you don’t realize you need until you put one in your hand and try it for the first time.

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