It’s never been easier to be a photographer than it is today. Phone cameras and the advent of Instagram have made it simpler than ever to capture and share our most memorable moments. With such easy access to this technology, countless great accessories have been invented to help us get the best pictures possible. Here are some of the best phone accessories for the smartphone photographer.


smartphone accessories for pictures


Bluetooth Smartphone Remotes

Ever wished you could take a hands-free selfie? Perhaps you’ve wanted to use your phone camera from a distance to capture a group photo. Well, fret not! These nifty little portable devices allow you to do just those things. Our HISY, a Bluetooth camera remote, only requires users to link their iPhone with the device. For users of Android, Samsung Galaxy, or other smartphones, the HALO remote just needs a free app download with your purchase. Both devices can be purchased right here in our shop in a variety of fun colors.

Selfie Sticks

To make up for the frustratingly short length of the human arm, the selfie stick exists to make all of your pictures better. Selfie sticks have mounts for camera phones that allow you to capture a selfie from a relatively short distance by pressing a button on the end of the stick. Our selfie stick, called the Wing, also doubles as a monopod and tripod. It acts as an extension of your arm, and you can move it in any way you want, so it’s a perfect way to get the proper angle of your beautiful self.

Add-On Lenses

Many companies make affordable add-on lenses for smartphones. Add-on lenses broaden your picture-taking possibilities by affecting the scope of your photos. Some of the most fun lenses on the market offer effects such as super zoom, fish-eye, and wide-angle. Lenses can be purchased individually, or in sets that offer a multitude of options.

Phone Tripods

Phone tripods are compact, lightweight tripod mounts with flexible, extendable legs designed to hold phones in place. Most phone tripods are compatible with many different smartphones. They ensure you’ll always have a stable place to set your phone when taking a picture or video. If you own our new Wing, you won’t need to worry about buying this accessory separately since it can also be used as a tripod.

Because they’re always with us, handheld devices have become our go to cameras. Any of these useful accessories can open a whole new world for your smartphone photos, improving the quality and creativity of all of your shots. Which of these are you going to pick up on your path to epic smartphone selfies?

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