selfie with filter appliedAs the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that your pictures say the right words about you, especially your selfies! They can paint you as an awesome and hip person, or a boring fellow who doesn’t know the first thing about uploading a picture.

One of the best ways to improve your selfies (other than using a HISY, of course!) is by using the right Instagram filter. Just this can take your picture from boring and drab to professional and cool, while the wrong one could make your picture seem like it’s straight out of 1997. Here are our recommendations if you can’t decide.

  1. Mayfair

    One of the most important principles in selfie photography is to make sure your filters are as humble as possible when you don’t want to make them too obvious. That’s where Mayfair comes in!

    Mayfair is a warm filter that focuses on enhancing the contours and otherwise subtle highlights in a photograph, such as those typically found on a person’s cheeks or the highlights that naturally occur when light hits your skin in the right way.

    You should avoid Mayfair, however, if you already have defined colors in your selfie. Makeup tends to end up “overdone” when you apply Mayfair to a selfie.

  2. Rise

    Everyone has little imperfections that could potentially ruin a selfie. Rise will help to not only smooth over those small bumps, but also to enhance the way makeup and other pronounced features look.

    For example, Rise makes it particularly easy to buff out the area underneath your eyes. This is especially helpful if you have bags that you may not necessarily want to show the entire world. It also enhances the feel of more subtle things like blush, which can make it right for classier shots.

    You should stay away from Rise if you’re just taking a regular selfie without any makeup. It has the tendency to make faces look flat when there are no distinct color changes apparent.

  3. X-Pro II

    If you have just an average picture without any makeup or accessories, then you’ll definitely want to consider using X-Pro II.

    It’s great at bringing out warmth much like Mayfair, except it darkens contours to give your face more definition. This can take any regular selfie from something that just looks nice to something that looks amazing.

    The downside is that it can make your face appear too dark depending upon your natural features. It also tends to work poorly with makeup that is more obvious, such as dark purple lipstick, though it does work exceedingly well with red lipstick.

  4. Nashville

    Last on this short list of selfie-centric filters is Nashville. It’s a filter that adds a flattering hue over your selfies, which can make certain features pop out while playing down others to give a high degree of contrast.

    The best time to use Nashville is when you have a large amount of warm colors in your selfies. It will add contrast and force any colors near blue or silver to pop out for a particularly pleasant result.

There’s a whole world of filters available to use for selfies, and these are just some of the best found in Instagram. For the best filters, look outside of the Instagram app and check out the VSCOcam app. There you’ll find even more filters, including ones that all of your favorite bloggers have been using. You may find that unpopular ones work particularly well for you or vice versa. The true trick to determining the best filter lies not in what the filter does, but understanding what your selfies need. Always try to focus on enhancing the subject matter, which would likely be yourself. If you need extra help getting the best shots, check out our Bluetooth remotes to up your selfie game even more.

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