happy smartphone selfieFive years ago, no one knew what a selfie was. Within the past few years, the selfie phenomenon continues to pick up speed and dominate social media. Exactly what is a selfie? Well, Oxford Dictionary defines a selfie as a self-portrait taken on a smartphone or a webcam and then shared on social media.

It is very rare to look at someone’s social media profiles and not run into, at minimum, one or two selfies. Ironically, while everyone loves to take selfies, not everyone likes to see them, but we still have an obsession with them. In fact, people who take selfies on a daily basis are often seen as narcissistic and self-absorbed. Obviously, this is something we disagree with!

So, what is the hype with this concept? Why do so many people love selfies? Well, there are a few reasons. Consider the following reasons below for reasons why we just can’t get enough selfies.

  1. People are obsessed with self.
    Let’s face it – people love to look at themselves! Whenever there is a mirror nearby, people naturally glance at the mirror to see how they look. People are generally preoccupied with self and want to look good to the rest of the world. Because most people love themselves, they want others to do the same. With social media, the best way to do this is through a selfie.. and the best way to get your selfie is with a HISY or HALO!
  2. People love control.
    There’s the brilliant concept the smartphone inventors created called the front-facing camera. The front-facing camera allows users to take their selfies on their own. This benefit allows for control of how the picture turns out. When someone else takes the picture, they’re not sure of the highlights or the places to zoom in on the user. With full control, anyone can get the right lighting and angles to look like a total movie star.
  3. We all love to “people-watch”.
    While it may be a lot of fun to keep up with food and shelter blogs online, one of the drawbacks is that the reader doesn’t usually get a chance to connect with the designer/creator. People are far more inclined to naturally connect with a face instead of the work. Selfies help to bring the person, who is normally behind the scenes, to the forefront. Even though many people are generally obsessed with themselves, there are countless other people who also want to see your face.

Right now there is no sign of the current selfie craze ever dying down. With the rapid rate of growth in smartphones and tech gadgets, they’re only going to become more prevalent in our daily lives. So, since it’s here to stay for a while, you might as well grab your smartphone and your HISY to join the club!

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